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Double exposures of the Portland Trailblazers beating Oklahoma City in home opener

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Every now and then it's fun to experiment with different photographic techniques and the ease of using mobile apps makes all the more creative. In this case, I decided to try a new app on deadline during the event. I had previously tried the double exposure technique exactly once. Nevertheless, I forged ahead and managed to crank out 12 images.

2014 Portland Track Festival

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I have to say, I wasn't excited about covering another track meet on Father's Day after three days covering the NCAA Track and Field Championships in Eugene.

The Portland Track Festival sucked me in. Andrew Wheating, Mo Farah and Jordan Hasay,  raced. The combination of great access, a table only a few feet from the finish line to set up my computer, and world class athletes added up to a great night. I was totally into it. While the track venue at Lewis and Clark was small, it's surrounded by trees and looks great. The lack of bright stadium lights made it difficult but provided some opportunities. The timing system at the finish line required more light so the organizers set up construction lights. This created a unique set of circumstances as far as track venues go. 

Here's a few snaps from the night:

My Favorite Pictures from the University of Oregon Ducks Regular Season

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I went through all the games I shot this year, including the Pac-12 Championship and found 79 images I thought stood out as either an important moment in the season, or a photo I like for being a little different and surprising.[gallery]

Oregon Ducks 72, New Mexico 0

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I've never shot a blowout like this. It was easy livin' as a photographer. We didn't have to run down to the other end of the field one single time. It was sunny and and 75 degrees. They fed us tacos in the press booth. It just couldn't have been an easier day. Here's the game story: http://blog.oregonlive.com/behindducksbeat/2010/09/oregon_football_well_wasnt_tha.html

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day:

EUGENE, ORE. - 9/4/10 - Oregon's Javes Lewis watches New Mexico's Ty Kirk come back to earth  at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Ore., Sept. 4, 2010. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

Skater Paul Rodriguez at the Dew Tour in Portland, Ore.

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I have to admit, I had never heard of Paul Rodriquez until I shot the Dew Tour. The only skater I'd heard of to that point was Shaun White and Tony Hawk. I know that's really lame, but I just don't follow the sport. I've never skated in my life. I found out right away this cat is famous in the skating world. A bus load of mostly women (girls?) and boys followed him through the crowd asking him for his autograph after he won. I followed him into the portable NBC Sports studio and shot him waiting for the live television interview. The producers herded the fans into the studio and prompted them cheer on command. The whole thing was surreal. One thing for sure though, what these guys do on a skateboard is nothing short of magical. They have courage and skill beyond my comprehension.

Paul Rodriguez signs autographs after winning the  Skateboard Park Finals on the third day of the Dew Tour competition at the Rose Garden in Aug. 13, 2010, in Portland, Ore.. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian