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Pride Month in Portland and San Francisco

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It was a privilege to document the introduction of Hop Valley Brewing's Reveal beer. The intention is to brew a beer for the LBGTQ community in hope of raising funds for their various charities. There aren't many assignments more fun to cover than this.

A look back at the Oregon Standoff in Harney County

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I took three trips totalling 16 days during the 41 day standoff near Burns, Oregon. I spent some time covering the actions of the armed militant protestors at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County. I also made trips to John Day, Oregon in Grant County.

These photos reflect my time chasing down a variety of stories including a Burns High School girls basketball game and hanging out with ranchers as they fed cattle in the morning.

Gold medal Olympian decathlete Ashton Eaton trains with his Olympian heptathlete wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton

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I spent two days following gold medal Olympian decathlete Ashton Eaton training with his Olympian heptathlete wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

The amount of training pieces involved with multi-event athlete is mind-boggling. I believe it's a highly under-appreciated sport. There are very few people on the planet capable of even doing these things much competing at this level.

Brianne and Ashton were accommodating and open to my presence I really appreciate it. I wish them the best.

Portraits of wrestlers

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I decided to take different approach to covering the first day of the OSAA State Wrestling Championships at the Memorial Coliseum, Friday.

When I saw a wrestler walk through the tunnel after his match, I asked if they'd mind stepping in for a quick photo. 

Not all the wrestlers had just finished wrestling. Some were waiting for their turn. Either way, I managed to get enough for a good sample from 106 to 285 pounds.

Today, the finals will take place at the same place. I'll be there too.

Seeing the past through Mom and Pop grocery stores in Southeast Portland

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When I was in fourth grade, back in the 1970's, my parents owned a mom-and-pop market in Hauser, Oregon, along Hwy. 101 on the coast near Coos Bay.

Like all small neighborhood markets, the money-makers were beer and cigarettes, but one could stop in and also get bread, milk, fresh produce and meat.

The counter was packed with the requisite jars of pickled pigs feet, pickled eggs and red hot sausages. The threshold on the front door was worn down from loggers coming in with sharply cleated "cork" boots. In fact, many stores back then usually had hand-written signs taped to the door that said "No Corks" in hopes of preventing damage.

For many small stores at the time, carrying credit for local customers was standard procedure. Of course, more often than not, it ended badly for owners. My dad told me he never issued credit out of his store, except for a few select families. They lived way out in the woods and would have visitors stop in to get groceries for them on their way in.

I organized bottle returns, pumped gas and got fat on free candy, roaming free with minimal parental supervision. Our store stood alone next to Hwy. 101. It was the focal point of Hauser. On summer weekends the parking lot would fill with campers and dune buggies getting gas, beer and ice. 

With full-size grocery stores over a half-hour drive a way, the Hauser Store served an important service for neighbors, some of whom lived as much as an hour from town.

The small independent mom and pop stores in Portland are dwindling, but are still just as important to the neighbors that rely on them for a quick jug of milk....or a 40-ouncer. 

The gallery above is not a complete list or meant as a shopping guide, but simply a look at a few neighborhood stores in Southeast Portland.

Please feel free to add a photograph of your own to the comments below. Be sure and include the cross streets and name of the store. Any facts about the store would be great.

World Beard and Moustache Championships, Portland, Oregon, 2014

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I shot this back on October and I'm just now getting around to making a blog post. Here are my favorite portraits from the day.

Rose Bowl: Oregon blows out Florida State 59-20 in College Football Playoff

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This was a great game to cover. Most of the big plays came my way. The team I was covering won in a blowout and the food was good. But, best of all, the game was played in what I consider the best venue in the country to see a college football game. They don't call it "The Granddaddy of them all" for nothing! In a few days, I'll heading to North Texas for the College Football Championship game.

Double exposures of the Portland Trailblazers beating Oklahoma City in home opener

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Every now and then it's fun to experiment with different photographic techniques and the ease of using mobile apps makes all the more creative. In this case, I decided to try a new app on deadline during the event. I had previously tried the double exposure technique exactly once. Nevertheless, I forged ahead and managed to crank out 12 images.

Three Games in Three Days

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My journey started Friday night with a replay of the 6A High School Football Championship game from last season with Central Catholic playing Jesuit. I always love the first prep game of the season. The light is always spectacular. As the season progresses the light and weather go downhill fast. 

Directly after the game at Hillsboro Stadium I drove straight to Eugene to prepare for ESPN College GameDay coverage in the morning. After filing my images I headed to Autzen Stadium to shoot Oregon playing Michigan State. What a game. The light had a very nice quality to it because of nearby forest fires creating thick haze. 

Finally, I headed to Providence Park on Sunday to cover the Portland Timbers playing the San Jose Earthquakes. 

All three games, while very different, were top notch and really fun to document.