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Timbers and a 50mm

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

I had the day off, but the Timbers were playing DC United in a day game. I took the opportunity to load up the Holga and Hasselbad with film. I haven't had the five rolls of 12o processed yet. I also had the 5D Mark II around my neck with a 50/1.2 in addition to the film cameras. I was thinking about waiting until I got the film back and scanned before posting these photos, but it might be a solid week before I get them scanned so I'm posing what I have now.

I had a great time shooting like this. I didn't have to worry about the game action, but it was hard to ignore it...especially this game. It was the strangest game I've ever seen with four free kicks. Even after roaming around two hours before kickoff and shooting steadily throughout, I felt like a barely scratched the surface. I felt like I'd need at least two more games to feel like a I had full coverage. So, here's a few snaps from one of the three cameras I was using.


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