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Here's an audio slideshow I edited

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Brent Wojahn, Beth Nakamura and I shot the Portland Beavers last game. Actually, Beth shot several games leading up the final game so most of the photos are hers. She had some very nice images and totally nailed it when one of the players threw a cup of water in another players face. I walked around PGE Park all day and gathered audio. With the help of Judy Siviglia, I edited and put the photos over the audio. It was quite a process and a very long day. Kraig Scattarella just posted the timelapse we shot. Bruce set up two cameras, one on the roof of PGE Park and the other on the roof of The Oregonian building across from PGE Park. I set up a camera firing every five minutes from a stairwell at the Mac Club that was pointed at the scoreboard.

Portland Beavers radio announcer Rich Burk was generous enough to email us his radio clips from the game. His voice made very cool and I really appreciate him doing that.

Here it is:

Portland Beavers last game in PGE Park

Here's the slideshow:

Beavers play for the last time in PGE Park