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Seaside, Oregon

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See all the photos on The Oregonian's new Photo Story blog. I could never see myself bringing a shovel on my wedding anniversary. But right there, shovel in hand on the beach in Seaside, was Norman Byrd, shovel in hand. He not only brought that shovel for the weekend when he and his wife celebrated their 20th anniversary, he used it to dig a big hole to shelter his wife and daughter from the winds off the restless Pacific.

Seaside is a place to go to celebrate. There’s a gauntlet of shops full of things you don’t need, a singing Candyman luring you into his shop full of sweets, carrousel rides, 1963 Lusse Auto Scooters and carnival games, all there to lure you away from the beach itself. But the sand and ocean are the unmistakably star attractions as Oregonians flock to the small tourist town for Spring Break.