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>Gourmet Loves Portland Waffles

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Gourmet Loves Portland Waffles - Images by Thomas Boyd

For my third Gourmet.com contribution, I shot the Waffle Window on Hawethorne Blvd. here in Portland. It was even documented on this blog and showed up on The Oregonian reddit feed.

For photographers out there, I wanted to give a hats-off to picture editor Ryan Schick at Gourmet.com. He's the best New York photo editor I've ever dealt with. I know aphotoeditor.com gives great feedback to photographers on how they should conduct themselves with photo editors, but I have to do the same for photo editors in the form showing by example on how a great photo editor conducts business.

First off, Schick sends complete but short emails with upbeat language. He sends the corresponding text that will accompany the photos. He follows up quickly with feedback and requests for changes. He'll call immediately with questions or answers. He's appreciative of the work. Things happen quickly and with purpose. Time is not wasted with obtuse language.

And, while I'm on a roll with the unsolicited back-slapping, I have to say, I love the way Gourmet Magazine and Gourmet.com uses photos. The sophisticated art direction on Gourmet.com surprised me with the use of diptychs and mixing color with black and white. The photo selection was spot on. I was delighted every time with they came up with.

I love that they take the time to ask for alternate processing or feedback on how the photos will be used. I just feel like the photo treatment has been first class. I hope their editors appreciate what their doing it as much as I have.