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Audio Slideshow

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The Oregon School For The Blind May Close from Thomas Boyd on Vimeo.

This is an audio slideshow that I shot and recorded at the Oregon School For The Blind in Salem, Oregon. Read the story here.

As the business moves more and more to video with the new DLSR's that shoot moving images, I still like the the good old fashioned audio slideshow. I think it gives power to still photography. The bottom line is that love still photography and I really don't love video. Audio just makes photography better. Ironically, the only reason I didn't shoot video was that I loaned out my Canon 5D Mark II to Bruce Ely so he could have it on his two game Blazers road trip. But, I'm kind of glad it worked out like that.

I shot the photos on Canon 1D Mark III cameras with a 16-35II/2.8 lens and a 100/2 lens. I recorded the audio with a Marantz digital audio recorder. I used Aperture to edit the stills, Soundtrack Pro to edit the audio and Final Cut Pro to make the video.