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Newspaper Photographer of the Year Entry for 2008

Added on by Thomas Boyd.


With flooding and another back to back trip to Newport, I haven't had much time to devote to my POYi contest entry. I made the deadline with only about a half hour to spare.

The cost of that is that I wasn't able to get as much feedback on the edit as I needed. I hope to fine tune this edit for the Best of Photojournalism contest coming up.

So, the gallery above is exactly what I submitted to the contest. But keep in mind this shows only the NPOY entry and not the single entries. I would say there are a half dozen photos entered in single pictures categories that are not in this portfolio entry.

The black slides separate the stories. You'll see a portrait series, the Columbia Gorge entry in the Science and Natural History Picture Story and the nightlife story in that was entered in the Issue Reporting Picture Story category.