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Beacon Rock

Added on by Thomas Boyd.


Even though my Columbia Gorge story has been published, I felt like I needed to include Beacon Rock in the edit. I headed out today and tried to make a picture of the rock. I think I like the night scene the best. I met some very friendly boaters who fed me dinner... Thanks Rick and Sandy! The weather was beautiful and an almost full moon lit the rock. I also shot some film on my Holga and Hasselblad, but you'll have to wait for that.

I was really lucky today with the boaters showing up. Then, kayaker Marvin Owen stopped to camp for the night on the tail end of his 1250-mile trip down the Columbia from Canada to the Pacific Ocean. That's his boat on the beach.

On my drive back I reflected on my day. I felt so fortunate to be doing what I do. When I explained to the people I was photographing that I was actually working, they listened in disbelief. They couldn't believe I was getting paid to be there shooting photos. On days like this, I can hardly believe it myself.

I spent six and a half hours there and I made exactly the photos I wanted to make. It felt great to just be in the moment, meeting people, and making photos. It was great to not be thinking about the industry, buyouts, downsizing, the economy, the war, the election, and the housing market.

My next trip will a climb to the top.