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Ethics Cheat Sheet

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

>I was walking in the mall yesterday and there was a woman sitting on a bench. She was working on a laptop. Since I was bored and nosy I altered my path so I could look over her shoulder to see what she was working on. In big bold letters at the top of the page she was typing it clearly said, "Ethics Cheat Sheet."

That stuck with me for a whole day. Was it joke...or was she, in fact, composing a "Ethics Cheat Sheet" for a class full of "Ethical Cheaters"? Because, if you are using a "cheat sheet" you are "cheating" by definition and it follows that by cheating you are unethical.

So, I wondered what the first entry on the sheet would have been. Does it say, "1: Under no circumstances should you use a "cheat sheet".

I hope number two doesn't say, "Do not look over strangers shoulders at the their laptops."

That would make me both unethical and a cheater. I really wish I wouldn't have seen that. It created a unresolvable ethical dilemma.