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>The War Hits Home

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

Paul Carter, one of my photo editors at The Register-Guard wrote an op-ed piece today about his perspective on the war. Co-incidently, a photo I shot of the rain in Eugene was requested by a Eugene soldier in Iraq. You'll have to read entire essay to understand what I'm talking about. Click the link above.

"I started doing this after taking a random phone call a few weeks ago from Matthew's mother, Tamara. She must have asked the switchboard operator for someone who works in photography, and the call was sent to me. Her voice was pleading and a little distressed. She told me about her son in Iraq and how he longed to see a picture of the rain back home. Did we have one she could e-mail to her son?
We talked about Matthew, about the hours of boredom punctuated by moments of terror. About buddies being killed by roadside bombs and snipers. About the challenges of coping with heat and the hated dust.
That afternoon, I pulled some old weather pictures from our archive and sent them to Tamara. I sent a photo of children huddled under an umbrella. Another showed Duck football fans in Autzen Stadium watching a game in a driving rain. I sent her a picture of downtown Eugene at dusk with wet, shimmering streets - pictures we often put in the paper on slow news days in winter."