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>The Coolest Assignment I Ever Had

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a new film scanner. After I hooked up I wanted to see how it worked with chromes. I had a couple pages from my Belize trip sitting in my office that I had never scanned.

I originally went down there to shoot travel photos for website that specializes in travel to Ambergris Caye, Belize. While I was there a Medical School would be having a graduation. The guy who hired me had told his contact at the university headquarters in Maine that I would be there for shooting for him. She saw an opportunity and hired me to shoot their graduation for their publications.

So, on top of free travel and resales to travel magazines, I was paid goood money to shoot this ceremony that lasted about two hours. It was a pleasure.

Anyway, here's a image from that shoot. I really need some more assignments like that...soon!