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>Bus Trip with President Clinton

Added on by Thomas Boyd.


I've been going through some old prints and found these from a trip I took through Washington state with the press corps covering President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore on a re-election campaign run in 1996. It was one of the coolest experiences I've had as a photojournalist. A bunch of famous photographers were on the bus and even Sam Donaldson. The only photographers shooting digital at the time were two shooters from the Associated Press, one of which was Doug Mills. Larry Downing was shooting chromes for Time. David Hume Kennerly was shooting black and white for Newsweek.

Even on lonely rural roads people came out of their house and stood on the side of the road to see the convoy go by. Traffic was stopped on I-5 downtown Seattle and a log truck driver climbed on top of his load for better view. At one point, the photographers hopped in the back of a flat bed truck and shot these guys in Longview with letters spelling B-I-L-L-Y across their chests.

We had relatively good access to the president and I learned a lot about my job on that trip.