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>Black and White Beach

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

I had this crazy idea that I wanted to shoot some Tri-X. I borrowed Chris Pietsch's Canon 1V, bought a new Holga and bought some film. The beach was a great place to shoot it up. I was going to process it myself, but with small amount film I was going to shoot it wasn't a good deal. I had it processed at Dot Dotson's.

I paid $10 to have one 120 frame scanned. Ouch. Then I took the 35mm to work. I was going to scan 64mb tiffs of the selects on the Coolscan 4000. After fumbling around for almost an hour, I gave up and scanned them on the old Kodak RFS 2035.

I was really dissappointed in the quality of the scans. There was even a scratch left from the scanner on every frame.

But, after all that time and expense, I'm really pleased with the look. It's totally different than an RGB digital file converted to black and white. I'm not sure I can articulate all the reasons, but there certainly is a difference in the look. I have some more film to shoot, so all I have to do is figure out what the problem is with the Nikon scanner and I'll be set.