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>Quest for Immortality

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

We had a free day in Portland Sunday. We cleaned out our checking account to get into the Portland Art Museum's The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt features the largest selection of antiquities ever loaned by Egypt for exhibition in North America. It includes objects that have never been on public display and many that have never been seen outside of Egypt. Ancient Egyptian beliefs and practices based on the afterlife journey of pharaohs will be dramatically illustrated through approximately 115 magnificent objects from Egypt and a life-sized reconstruction of the burial chamber of the New Kingdom pharaoh Thutmose III (1479-1425 BC).

It was very impressive indeed. There was a little too much to hold the kid's interest, but they were good sports. Of course we asked them what liked best about the trip to Portland and they both said it was the trip to the Nike Outlet Store to buy shoes.

In any event, I took a few snaps, thinking it would be okay since I wasn't using a flash. The dude on the right is heading in my direction to nuke my Egyptian photo safari. I took some photos anyway and the sky didn't fall. No one was injured and the mummies didn't rise.