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Added on by Thomas Boyd.

I've been experimenting a bit more with audio. After my first few projects, I was profoundly aggravated with the process. I struggled with the software and the audio I captured was a mess. I guess I just had a major breakthrough with the technology. I bought a Shure SM-58 microphone that seriously cleaned up my audio. The stereo omni mic that came with Microtracker just picks up too much stuff. I'm now using Soundtrack Pro to edit and I feel much more comfortable with it.

These stories are very low-key daily kind of stuff. I mostly wanted to see how fast I could put one together. I shot until 5:30 p.m. on "Graves aglow" story. I had the pictures tweaked, captioned, and the audio edited by 7:30 p.m. These stories were more an exercise in workflow than serious story-telling. Even so, I'm fairly pleased with them and look forward to doing some more in-depth serious stories.