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>My Mother's Christmas Present

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

My mom mentioned that she saw a print she liked at a furniture store that was a photo of a saddle in a barn. It was framed and sold for $179. I wasn't sure I could find anything like that to shoot, but I swung into the Oregon Horse Center parking lot and saw a teenage girl grooming her horse. I told her what I wanted to do and she sprung into action and set out her saddle for me. I then had her go down to the end of the barn with her horse and open the door. I shot a dozen frames in RAW. I then put them in Aperture, tweaked them into a color monochrome. I opened the .psd in CS2 and incrementally increased the image size to 16x20 and put it on a 20x30 canvas size to get the white border. I saved it back into Aperture and uploaded the image to Apple's print service. I had the print in a less than a week.

My mom was very pleased with the results and will hang it on the wall in her new house that should be finished in few weeks.