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>Murderous Swine

Added on by Thomas Boyd.

>I'm shooting a story on 4-H kids and their animals. When it came time to shoot the hog portion of the story, I went to a nice family's house near Crow, Oregon. I told them it would be best to select the most well-behaved hog for the shoot. They chose "Mischief". Mischief is a 1000 pound boar Hampshire hog. He is the size of a living room sofa.

We were doing pretty good positioning him by coaxing him with food and nudging him into place. Then, I decided to "nudge" him with my thigh. He didn't like it too much, evidently, because he ate my pants. He snapped his head around attempting to grab my leg in his teeth. I pulled back in the nick of time and he just caught the inner leg of my Prison Blues work pants. His teeth punctured the denin and he jerked on it leaving a 14-inch rip in the leg.

My pants are destroyed, but luckily, he didn't get the flesh. I'm quite sure it would have meant a trip to the hospital provided I didn't bleed out right there in the pig slop. At the very least, I would have screamed like a little girl.