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>Teenage Obesity

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>I shot this photo for a London based women's magazine. I first met Kimberly Duncan when she was 12-years-old and wieghed 325 pounds. Her health was suffering so her family elected to have undergo gastric bypass surgery. It's been reported that she was the youngest person in the United States, if not the entire world to have the surgery. She's now 16-years-old and well over 100 pounds lighter. However, she's left with an abundance of loose skin hanging off her body, for which the surgery costs an additional $30,000 to remove. Her family is still feeling the finanical pressure from the orginal surgery and cannot afford do have it done. The magazine that commissioned the photo ran a story titled something like, "What they don't tell you about gastric bypass surgery." They then appealed to their readers to help raise money and offered up a token amount of money to get the fund started.