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I made another trip to the Doug Fir Lounge. This place is really fascinating. I have not seen anything even remotely like it. Every corner is detailed and unique.

My experience was soured, however, when a loudmouthed employee chose to confront me about taking photos in front of a crowd of people. It was embarrassing and unnessesary. There's one in every crowd.

I find it interesting that people think because you have a camera around your neck they can treat you differently than other customers (I paid a $10 cover charge and had a $25 dinner there). I bet I could have been slobbering drunk and insulting the staff and they would have discreetly walked me outside and had a chat. But, since I had a camera the employee in question was emboldended to get confrontational and rude in the lobby. This is after I had been shooting openly in front of security for over an hour with no problems.

I think I've seen enough of the Doug Fir.