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>Pep Bonet's Response to Sportsshooter Discussion

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>message for Thomas Boyd
Hi Thomas. Since I dont want to get
into this, maybe you can send this
to clear things. Thanks a lot and
best regards. Pep

Dear friends.
I think there is a misunderstanding here.
First: DOCUMENTARY in my web means a documentary film, not that I'm only documenting, Sergi Agusti was documenting my way of working, and he did it well. This film is showing honestly how I work. My interpretation of the reality I have experienced, and yes, how I take pictures and the relationship with my subjects. I decided to place the documentary (film) in the web to balance the ¨reality¨ of this essay, so people can have a clear idea of the place. People is judjing my body of work only with that picture of the eye, yes that picture was posed, and most of my portraits are always influenced by the light, specially in this essay of ¨Blind Faith¨, I was trying to show what have been taken away of this children , their sight, so, the light is the main ¨focus¨ in this essay.
This is a personal project, my most personal project, and have never intended to be documentary work. I did the essay and that was the work I submitted for the World Press Photo Masterclass, because I believe photojournalism needs a change in approach, that was to challenge people, and it did. I have been labelled as a photojournalist, I consider myself a photographer working with social issues. ¨FAITH IN CHAOS¨ is a experimental essay with photography and video and it is a work in progress. I do believe in photojournalism, but the old school is old, and old fashioned, whats new to discover? New approaches. That´s what I believe.
I do work with the media, but the biggest satisfaction is to help people directly, like with the amputees soccer team, I found financial support (28.000 Euro) for them to continue playing their soccer and go to International competitions.
That´s something magazines do not do, they publish and that´s it. I find interesting the borders between the personal views and the documenting. I don’t only document, anybody with a camera can do that. Whats wrong with changing a persons face a little t the left or to the right? Does that change reality? In a portrait???? I think that’s being close minded.
And, I did not present myself as a photojournalist in my website but as a phtographer.
By the way Im not going to react
anymore on all this, you can all continue to have fun togheter, but I have work to do.Best regards for all of you.

I agree with this:
These photos of blind kids are more about metaphorical concepts of darkness and light and less about telling a story.


With all due respect to Jock and Pep, that image and the manner in which it was set up do not pass the "documentary"sniff test.

I'm not a forensic gastrologist either, but I know sh*t when I smell it.

Could you loose your job by hiring someone like Pep Bonet? I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE.

Josh, I understand where you're coming from but it's real simple. Don't do what Pep did. He interfered with the documentary process and manipulated the situation to make soething work for him. Totally unethical. Period.