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>Siuslaw River

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I spent most of the day struggling to find a decent feature picture in Florence, Ore. This is normally an easy task. Florence has the dunes, the beach, lakes, parks, and plenty of people doing things outdoors. A storm hit and everyone stayed indoors. The sky was white. I decided to wait until the sun went down. This is the image I sent. It shows the marina on the Siuslaw River as seen from the boardwalk on Bay Street.

Technical Info: I shot this on a Canon 20D with a 24/1.4 lens at 800 asa. I put the white balance on tungsten and underexposed it by almost 2 stops to give it a saturated cool tone look. In photoshop I clipped the shadows and highlights. I lightened the boats in curves using the history tool, darkened the sky and ran Velvia Vision over it for contrast and saturation.