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Top 25 of 2010

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I somehow decided that these 25 images out of the over 95,000 that I shot during the 315 assignments this year are the ones that stuck. In some cases, I was attracted to them because they broke new ground for me creatively. In other cases, I just like the content, or the image resonated on purely artistic level. Looking back, 2010 was a year heavy on sports, travel and music assignments. In end, these images say something about what I've seen, where I've been, and how I see it. I also have a small sense of pride that all but two of these 25 images was shot in my home state of Oregon. The cowboy boots was shot in New York City somewhere in Midtown and the guy with the net was shot on a beach in Louisiana during the BP Gulf oil spill.

Hundreds of flag-waving, sign-carrying, slogan-shouting protestors packed the steps in front of the Oregon Capitol in Salem, Ore., Thurs., April 15, 2010, as part of a nationwide day of action against taxes and government. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

I do!

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