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Lighting at 7000 feet

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Craig Mitchelldyer had a crazy idea. He wanted to lead a lighting workshop at Silcox Lodge on Mt. Hood. He called it "Lighting at 7000 feet". I was crazy enough to help. I shot video and stills, I asked Fred Joe to help and he was crazy enough to follow me. I must say though, I thought it worked out great for everyone. We all learned a lot and everyone made some great photos. Timberline Lodge even sculpted some jumps for the snowboarders. The food was even good. This gallery shows the still photos Freddy and I shot.

Craig Mitchelldyer and I are working together

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Weddings by Thomas Boyd from Craig Mitchelldyer on Vimeo.

I'm now an associate photographer for Craig Mitchelldyer. We've known each other for a long time. I respect his photography, worth ethic and they way he does business. Craig's customers always leave happy. He provides a great product for a fair price. This arrangement allows me to concentrate on shooting and puts the post production and distribution in his capable hands. I look forward the coming year. Here's Craig's blog entry with the announcement.